About Making Sense Of Living

Do You Want To Be Your Best Self? Feel Good, Look Great And Achieve Your Life Goals?

Making Sense of Living is a website offering you straight-talking advice about Men’s grooming, lifestyle, fitness, and wellness. Find my true and honest advice on product reviews, tips on how to be fit, healthy, and feel confident in life.

Why Did I Start This Website?

I started this website to share my experience and knowledge.

I am not any kind of guru. I am here to learn!

My goal is to arm readers to make their own decisions when buying products. Share what I know when it comes to hitting the gym, grooming, and being happy.

We all want to feel good and look great. With so many products and gurus on the market, it can be a real struggle to select something that fits your needs and really works.

And who has time to try and test them all?

That’s when I felt the need for a website that offers straight-talking for guys like me, leading busy lives but not wanting to compromise on looks and health.

At the same time, I feel passionate about helping other people to feel better inside their skin, adding that important ‘happiness factor’ to the mix.

Who am I?

My name is Agnaldo Lima. I am the founder of Making Sense of Living. I am passionate about looking good and feeling great.

I am a fond believer in being honest, straight-talking, and helping others. I believe we all have to potential to become whatever we dream of.

With enough discipline, support, motivation, and this website, I want to help you on your journey.

I didn’t enjoy a healthy childhood. I was even bullied because of the unusual shape that my head has.

Because I looked weak and thin, the matter made me think I wasn’t able to keep up with the rest of the kids of my age. I sucked at sports, I grew up emotionally hurt, thinking I am physically unpleasant and unskillful.

I struggled socializing, almost grew up with only one friend.

It was only during my early 20’s that I decided to take advantage of my genetics and started working out. Because I already had a full beard, I started to gain interest in venturing into grooming.

Simple actions and goals I set for myself actually boosted my self-esteem.

I am not a fitness or grooming guru. It’s true I know a couple of things that may be beyond the knowledge of the average guy, I had to spend a huge amount of hours learning a lot.

But the reason I set this website is to gather people like you and me who are in constant pursuit of knowledge, want to feel confident, look good and well.

How Will Making Sense of Living Help You?

On this site, you will find information regarding wellness, fitness, grooming, and nutrition.

Get the latest tips and hacks on how to groom. Find out how to stay healthy, improve your appearance and boost your self-esteem.

On this website, you won’t find powerful ad campaigns spreading falsehoods that are promising results that they can never deliver.

Instead, you will read honest opinions on products that I have researched the science behind them and some I have tried and tested by myself.

My mission here is to help you improve your look, physique, and self-esteem.

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Hey there, I'm the guy behind the wheel. I've been passionate about looking good and feeling confident about myself since I know myself as a person. I love to share my experiences with such an amazing audience. Feel free to drop me a line if you feel like wanting to.