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You know what…?

Beard butter is one of the miracles of beard products that I’ve ever used. I said ONE!

The beard can sometimes become one of the most unruly things that we can deal with. I was able to remedy that using beard butter.

If you asked me which one I’d recommend, without hesitation the first word that would come to my mouth would be Wild Willie’s Beard Butter.

They’ve mastered their art with time, no doubts.

It is composed of an array of oils found on common men’s hair care products like apricot and jojoba oil, but what sets this product in its league are the emu and sweet almond oils.

You end up noticing that you need beard butter when your facial hair starts to grow in all directions and they start to present the challenge of keeping them all in one place.

Oh, boy!

I remember the dark days when I used to wake up every day and use a scissor to trim those little rebels that denied the command of my wish, and all I wished was a bunch of hair tightened together growing in One Direction.

Was that too much to ask?

I remember it was during a TV show that used to talk about the Vikings style that I was introduced to some beard care products like beard oil and beard butter.

I was just in the middle of my puberty, but considering my condition by that time, I decided to try the products.

A couple of days after placing the order, the products arrived. I tried and thrived!

However, we all know that beards are becoming a fashion statement.

But you will only find out that taking proper care of this genetic blessing is the key to going from ZERO to a HERO.

Beard butter comes in many brands and makes.

My other top favorite ones are:

You need to find the best and stick with it (as long as it keeps working).

The makes may be confusing but, I will briefly go through each one of the beard butter types mentioned in this article and that is my contribution to making it easy for you to pick the one that suits your likes.

You’re welcome!

The introduction clearly shows my number #1 pick.

Shall we start?

Top 4 Best Beard Butters Reviewed

Wild Willie’s Beard Butter

  • Natural and organic formula
  • Mosturizer
  • Encourages beard growth
  • Gives a hold on the beard
  • Eliminates flyaways and itchiness
  • Affordable price
  • Might be sticky and thick

My number 1 pick! It has a “chapstick-like” texture. It feels premium and very pleasant to rub on your hands.

Even having that premium feel to it, the prices are fair for a product in its category.

It has been made using 13 natural ingredients.

If you’re looking to keep the skin underneath your beard moisturized and some tweak on the beard growth this might be a good choice.

Maestro’s Classic Mark Of A Man Beard Butter

  • Pleasant smell
  • Soothes itchy beard
  • Softens the beard
  • Creamy texture
  • Premium price tag
  • Prone to skin reactions

The only thing I don’t appreciate about this one, in particular, is the fact that it has been made with some “cooked” ingredients and this may lead to some reactions on some types of skins.

Secondly, it comes with a premium price tag, which is not that bad.

By the way, your pocket speaks for yourself, isn’t it?

It feels like it has been designed especially for those suffering from itchiness.

Just like Wild Willie’s, it also softens and smooths your beard, making it easy to hold and style.

Detroit Grooming Leland Beard Butter

  • Good and manly smell
  • Gives a fine hold
  • It doesn’t feels thick and sticky
  • Easily melts
  • Applies evenly
  • Only 2 oz available

I’ll tell you something… If I was rating solemnly based on the smell, this one would be my favorite beard butter.

The combination of mango and lime makes your beard smell like you’re coming from Olympus.

A really strong feature that I like about this product is the fact that it is good for both skin and the beard.

It conditions both of them. The odor is very manly, and it gets activated as soon as you apply, but it starts to dim a little bit as time goes by and leaves a very gentle smell.

The fact that only a 2 oz option is available for the particular scent means you’ll quickly run out of it and buy it again within a few days.

Beard Butter With Grotein

  • Delicious yet nutritious blend
  • Fast muscle recovery
  • Allergen-free formula
  • Low sugar content
  • May be too sweet for some
  • Strong smell

It’s time to introduce Beard Guyz’s masterpiece.

This butter in particular, after applied, creates the illusion of having a fuller and thicker beard.

So if these features excite you this might be a good stop.

But keep in mind that it would ONLY look like since you cannot nourish your beard and instantly grow thicker.

It is composed of a blend of nearly 20 natural extracts and oils that get absorbed into the facial hair almost instantly, and this is a feature that I particularly like because I know that the style I am going to apply to my beard will last somehow longer than the ones I would do on a slow absorbing butter.

The smell might be a bit unpleasant, but, that’s a subjective matter.

I think it is worth to be tried just to get that personal touch and make a personal decision.

The best Beard Butter Products buying guide

Keeping all the beards tightly together is hard.

If you don’t have the kind of tools that are needed to make this task as easy as possible, you’re in a big mess.

Here’s some technical stuff just to keep your mind warmed up:

Beard butter is an oil-based, viscous product that has been designed to make sure that your and my beard can keep moisture and of course, behave well. Take it, you little rebels!

Beard butter isn’t widely spoken across the web. Does it mean it isn’t good enough to deserve a spot on your grooming products arsenal? The answer is a big NO.

I don’t think so. Since I was introduced to it, I keep it in my grooming arsenal.

Try to picture beard butter as a combination of beard oil, balm, and wax.

Does it mean it should be used to replace beard oil and wax?

I didn’t say that and I refuse to comment. Lol.

But honestly, in my personal opinion, I don’t think so.

Each product has its strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s focus on beard butter only.

It’s a shea butter-based formula with essential and carrier oils, commonly composed of apricot, jojoba, castor, and argan oils.

What does that mean? That means the beard butter is a deep conditioner for your beard.

The greatest features are:

  • It gives a light to medium hold so you can style and shape your beard,
  • Tame the flyaways, and
  • Keep your beard looking great all day long.

So, beard butter might be a good choice for those who are willing to tame the unruly hair on their face.

Besides, you might end up looking very glorious if you use beard butter as it is supposed to make the beard shine.

How Does Beard Butter Work?

A lot of people get lost on this topic when trying to figure out how does beard butter works.

Don’t worry! I’ve got your back.

The very efficient way the beard butter helps you is by using it the way it is meant to be.

That’s all for today folks. Let’s go home!

Hey, you’re still here. Okay then, I’ll tell you another couple of things.

Beard butter is designed to penetrate the hairs and get down to their roots.

This feature makes the facial hair look better and be easier to style.

The sole goal of beard butter is to make the beard nourished, conditioned, and soft.

The silky feeling is something that is not easy to get even when you wash that beard all the time.

The health of your beard will depend on the beard butter that you will use (but primarily on your genes to be honest).

By using beard butter, an array of issues can be avoided. Take itchiness as a fair example.

The itchy beard and the wiry types might be eliminated if you use beard butter regularly.

Beard Butter: Comfort And Style

Having a beard that obeys when you bend it, it’s awesome, believe me!

The hold that you might get if you use the right beard butter is something that you may find to be invaluable if you have a beard that is growing out in all directions.

You can use a beard butter product that doesn’t contain wax.

However, I would rather pick the one with some wax in it so that along with that silky smoothness I may also get a hold on the beard.

Some of you may have beards that can hold themselves in place, of course, you have to be a genetic freak to be born like that.

So if you are that genetic freak, feel free not to use the ones with wax.

How To Properly Apply Beard Butter

Admit it, if you possessed an iPod but didn’t know how to play the media files, that would turn the iPod useless.

So, in order not to make beard butter a useless product, let me tell you how to apply beard butter the right way.

Step 1

Get a small portion of the beard butter and make sure that it is just enough to fit on the fingertip.

If you have too much, make sure that you have offloaded some of it.

There is no reason to plaster yourself with this.

Rub it in your palms very carefully and make sure that you have evenly spread it.

Make sure that your hands are well coated with it before you begin to apply it.

Step 2

Using the coated palms, massage the beard butter into the beard.

Rub it in until you feel that it has been absorbed into the beard completely.

Make sure that you have achieved the needed depth for the beard butter to get into the beard well.

You want it to be able to help you as they claim it does and application is one of the most crucial things that you will need to take care of.

Every part of the beard will need to get a fair share of beard butter.

Step 3

Make sure that when you are applying, you have coated the follicles with beard butter.

This is how you will be able to take care of the itchiness that develops when you have a dry beard.

The wiriness that you have been having will also disappear if you do this.

The beard butter is designed to help keep the beard moisturized and that’s how you’ll have an easy time keeping it healthy and nourished.

Step 4

After applying the beard butter thoroughly, only one thing will remain:

Run a comb through the beard.

The comb will make sure that the beard butter has been dispersed into the beard carefully and most important, evenly.

Start from the bottom and comb upwards.

The beard will puff out when you perform this movement but here’s the reward: the beard butter has been distributed very well.

After that, keep combing the beard down. Style as you like.

Step 5

When you’re done, just wash your hands.

The beard butter will get off easily if you use warm water and wipe it down after washing.

It is usually oil-based. That is why you need warm water to get it off your hands with ease.

Beard Balm vs Beard Butter

Now you must be wondering how the heck will you know which one to choose or at least what keeps them apart from each other.

The only difference between these two is the ingredients with which they are made.

When it comes to what they do, they are quite similar in function.

Beard balm, unlike beard butter, almost always has wax in it.

Beard butter usually are not made with wax all the time. You may find brands that do not add some wax.

Beard balms can, therefore, provide the same nutritional benefits that beard butter provide but the difference is, the balm tends to provide an extra holding that is needed in order to have an easy time when styling the beard.

The thing about beard balm is that they will, after a while, induce a certain hardening effect on the beard.

The amount of beeswax that is put in these products is responsible for this effect.

That is why some of the users find that this makes the beard uncomfortable to have.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what each individual prefers.

There is no reason to bash one product while glorifying the other one. Because if one of them was bad and the other one was good, you would see less of one of them.

But, the truth of the matter is that they are almost equally popular. Just pick one after testing both and run with it.

Whatever makes you happy, I say.

Let’s wrap up

I think it is time that we brought this winding tale about beard butter to an end.

I assume that now you know more about it, how to buy it and you know how to apply it.

If I add anything else in here, I would be giving you a tour into the inside of a beard butter factory and no one cares about that. Unless you do!

Happy beard nutrition folks!

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