5 Best Razors for Sensitive Skin

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best razors for sensitive skin are, then I recommend the Vikings Blade The Emperor Safety Razor (Augustus Edition) as the best one to deserve a spot in your beard care toolset.

I’m not going to lie: Those Mach 3 cartridge razors have turned me from a beast to beauty more times than I can count.

But, in my quest for a razor-bump-free face, I found out that there’s more to the razor aisle than just Gillette’s best-seller.

If you, too, want to remove hair from your face without all the redness and micro-cuts, these 5 best razors for sensitive skin are just what the barber recommended.

In this article, I’m also going to review the following razors:

The 5 Best Razors for Sensitive Skin, Reviewed

Vikings Blade The Emperor Safety Razor (Augustus Edition)

Hair removal raser
  • Grass-fed origins up the protein’s quality
  • Awesome taste
  • Sugar-free, anti-allergen formula
  • Pre-digested proteins are easier to absorb
  • Pricey

This may sound naive, but I thought I hit the jackpot when I started using Gillette’s Mach 3s.

Between the very few nicks and the occasional rash, it all seemed to be going really well for my sensitive skin.

But, these thoughts came to a quick halt when a friend of mine gifted me with this Vikings Blade safety razor.

Thanks to its dual-head design, the razor helped me to get a really close shave in just a few strokes.

So, buh-bye, irritation!

The razor’s head is also adjustable, reducing the chances of cutting myself even more. But that’s not the best part!

The model also features an anti-misalignment mechanism that prevents uneven cuts by immobilizing the doors when I go out of line.

So, even at the beginning, when I was a complete noob, the razor itself guided me along and kept my sensitive skin intact at all times.

Plus, who can ignore the aggression micro-settings?

In a smart twist-to-engage fashion, I can adjust the blade’s aggression to a minimum and, thus, spare my skin the inflammation.

And FYI, this ISN’T one of those razors that you just toss after a month of use.

Since it’s made of brass, the product could last a lifetime, especially if you towel-dry it after every use.

Feather Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor (AS-D2 Model)

Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge

  • Steady grip
  • Cutting-edge design minimizes micro-cuts
  • Detailed finish
  • Long-lasting material
  • Too expensive
  • Not suited for dry-shaving aficionados

So, when I first laid my eyes on this razor, I was like, “You have to be joking me! 160$ for a razor? What is it made of? Thor’s hammer?”

Not long after, though, I ate my words when a friend of mine challenged me to use his just for kicks.

Needless to say, I had an instant change of heart.

First of all, the handle on this thing is flawless.

Not only is it pleasing to the eye due to the knurled pattern, but it’s also very sturdy, which makes shaving safer and much more relaxed.

More than that, it sports three horizontal grooves at the top and bottom of the handle, showing me how I should hold the thing to strike the perfect shaving position.

The bottom line?

(Much) Fewer micro-cuts.
The head of this razor is also a masterpiece.

Thanks to the very small blade gap and the perfectly aligned corners, the model makes it nearly impossible for me to cut my face during a shave.

Oh, and another thing: The razor is made from stainless steel, so it could live to see another decade if I take good care of it.

That said, it could save me a pretty penny down the line.

Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor

  • Adjustable head
  • Moisturizing gel pools
  • Skin guards for extra protection
  • Affordable
  • Blades get dull easily

From moisturizing shaving creams to uber-expensive razors, I’ve tried almost every item in the book to keep my skin from breaking out.

But, despite the plethora of products hanging out in my bathroom cabinet, none of them does the trick quite like razors with moisturizing strips.

And that’s why this Schick best-seller is one of my all-time faves.

The model is equipped with seven gel pools, which lubricate my skin prior to shaving and spare my skin the irritation.

The razor also features a built-in mechanism that adjusts the blades based on how I shave.

So, if I get carried away and apply too much pressure on my skin, the head backs off automatically and spares me from cutting myself.

What I also like about this model is that it allows me to switch between a single- and multi-blade mode with the flip of the thumb.

That means I can shave both the large surfaces on my face (as in cheeks) and all those hard-to-reach spots like my jawline and upper lip in just a few strokes.

The razor also comes with skin guards on each blade, which provides an extra layer of protection between my face and the edges, reducing irritation in the process.

The one thing that bugs me about this model, though, is the short lifespan of the blades as they get dull pretty quickly.

MÜHLE TRADITIONAL R89 Double Edge Safety Razor

  • Skin-friendly design
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Durable materials
  • Recyclable blades
  • Budget-friendly
  • Small handle
  • The finishing options may wear off

However (and I’m speaking from personal experience here), nothing beats the precision and diligence of a classic single-blade razor.

And if you don’t believe me, you need to try this bad boy.

Consisting of a 3-piece safety razor, ten high-quality replacement blades, and a handy travel case, this best-selling kit is as close to a salon-worthy shave as you can get.

The modern handle options include classic chrome, rose-gold metal, faux tortoiseshell, and black chrome.

The razor itself is designed after the classic one-blade shavers that guys used to trim their stubbles with back in the day when the sole goal was to get a really close shave without irritating the skin.

The secret?

The model is specially designed to apply as little pressure to the skin as possible and, thus, avoid hurting it in any way.

Of course, what drew me to this model first wasn’t its efficiency but its sleek design.

You see, it looks super elegant, and honestly, it’s all thanks to the stainless steel coating.

Speaking of which…

Such a choice of material also makes the razor durable and very easy to maintain.

In fact, all I have to do is open the headpiece, remove the old blade, and just put the new one in.

And just like that, I’m set for life (at least, shaving-wise).

Parker Variant Double-Edge Safety Razor

  • Adjustable head
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive
  • Slightly challenging for newbies

I’ll be honest: Even though I have more razors in my collection than I’d like to admit, I can’t seem to stay away from this Parker masterpiece.

You see, no matter how wild I’ve let things get (I’m talking full bush here), this high-quality razor is always there to make me look like a human again without hurting my skin.

How come?

Well, first off, it sports an adjustable head, which means I can fine-tune the blade’s angle based on my needs.

In fact, all I have to do is turn the knob at the bottom of the handle, and bam!

The thing is ready to trim my beard without irritating my skin.

More than that, its 2-piece design makes it super easy to clean, and it literally takes a few seconds.

I just turn the knob counter-clockwise, remove the old blade, and insert a new one.

That’s it!

The handle also has an excellent grip thanks to the knurled design, which increases my confidence and stability during each stroke.

The only drawback of this model is that it’s somewhat pricey.

But, since it could last for many years thanks to the high-quality materials, I see it more as an investment than a waste of money.

How to Choose the Best Razor for Sensitive Skin

Built-In Moisturizing Features

The first thing you need to keep in mind when shopping for sensitive-skin razors is the moisturizing features.

You see, when you use such a tool, you don’t just cut the hair on your face, but you also remove a small part of the skin it grows from.

As a result, you create a bunch of micro-cuts that force new cells to generate.

While that’s happening, your skin lacks the necessary moisture to protect you from natural elements, and that’s why you feel irritated and itchy.

So, this is where sensitive-skin razors step in.

Unlike regular ones, this type of blade has built-in moisturizing strips or hydrating bars which lubricate and soothe your face as you’re shaving.

These add-ons are often infused with hypo-allergenic moisturizers such as Aloe Vera, witch hazel, or colloidal oatmeal, so keep an eye out for those.

Multi-Blade Design

Another thing to look for when shopping for razors is the number of blades on the shaver.

Single-blade and multi-blade razors are the most common options these days, but choosing one over the other isn’t always easy.

In fact, while each type is designed to cut your stubble differently, both of them can do wonders for your sensitive face.

Single-blade razors, in particular, move across the skin quite easily and cut cleanly through your scruff without pulling the hair.

That minimizes irritation.

Meanwhile, multi-blade razors put less pressure on your skin, doing an equally great job at preventing irritation.

So, what’s the deal?

Which of these two is better for sensitive-skin dudes?

In my experience, both types can do the trick, but it’s just a matter of how you use the razor that makes all the difference.

And while we’re on that note, yes, multi-blade models are prone to irritation as they sometimes tend to pull hair violently from the root.

But if you take your time during each stroke, I don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t keep your skin smooth, especially if they’re equipped with moisturizing strips.

Adjustable Shaving Head

An adjustable shaving head can also make or break the deal – in most cases, at least.

This feature allows you to customize the razor’s angle and, thus, accommodate your face’s contours.

By doing so, you can get a really close shave without all the irritation.

Keep in mind, though, that some brands feature heads with an optimal shaving angle, so going for a model with an adjustable head isn’t your only option.

Ergonomic Handle

Last but not least, you should keep an eye out for the razor’s handle.

Models with an ergonomic design provide you with a steady grip and make sure the whole thing is super easy to use.

In addition to that, ergonomic handles don’t wear you down as you shave, which is always a plus.

The Veredict

While each of these five razors brings something different to the table, I seriously think that the Vikings Blade Emperor Safety Razor is a worthwhile investment.

Between its dual-head design and anti-misalignment mechanism, the model is set on removing all your facial hair without scratching the skin underneath.

Plus, it’s so easy to use that even total beginners can trim their scruff as if they were pros.

More than that, the razor sports an adjustable head, which means I can choose how aggressive or mild the blades should be.

And even though the price seems out of this world, note that this is a one-time purchase, so there’s no doubt you’ll save lots of money down the line.

So, what do you think? Which is the best razor for sensitive skin? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments down below!

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